Get Krazy!

Kraze Catering & Events

Standard Catering

Office parties, employee appreciation, festivals, birthday parties, plus much more. Kraze can provide freezers with prepackaged cups of ice cream product or a shaved ice kiosk, or both.

Birthday Parties

Have a birthday coming up? What better way to celebrate than at Kraze Frozen Treats, where it's always fun and always delicious! We can accomodate party reservations, and even have the Kraze Bear make an appearance. Don't forget to join the Kraze Klub to get a free treat on your birthday!

  • Reserved seating for children attending party
  • $50 minimum purchase
  • $50 facility charge
  • Parties limited to 1.5 hours. (15 min set up, 1 hour party, 15 minute cleanup)
  • Cakes, cupcakes, drinks and decorations are allowed
  • No other food items allowed (NO Exceptions)
  • Party limited to designated area to permit seating for other guests
  • Private parties scheduled at 11:00am additional $100

Fundraisers at Kraze

Kraze Frozen Treats now uses a special fundraising program to help you raise the funds you need. Raising money is as easy as spreading the word. Your friends and neighbors will be able to enjoy great tasting treats while helping your cause! Getting people to join your online program and come in to Kraze Frozen Treats, means more money towards your fundraiser.

With every purchase made by one of your Community Connection partners, a percentage goes into your pot. You can easily track your progress online and see how close you're coming to success.

To get started, simply fill out the request form and we will contact you as soon as possible.