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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt in Montgomery, Daphne & Mobile, AL

Are you ready to try the best-tasting ice-cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, custard, sorbet, and italian ice in Alabama? Skip the traditional ice cream shops and come try Kraze Frozen Treats! At Kraze, our goal is to bring people together to experience the most flavorful ice cream products in Daphne, Montgomery, and Mobile. Also enjoy knowing that you can stay healthy with low or non-fat, cholesterol-free frozen yogurt that strengthens the immune and digestive systems. Our yogurt, custard, and sorbet is also a great source of calcium and live active cultures.

Embrace the freedom to personalize your dessert. Grab a cup and create any combination from more than 50 flavors and 80 toppings. Each soft-serve ice cream machine offers two flavors, plus a blend of the two. The flavor mixing possibilities are endless! Then you may choose from a large bar of fresh toppings that includes candies, cereals, nuts, fruits, syrups, and more. After you've completed your custom dessert masterpiece, grab a seat and dive in!